is your fruit sweetened?

Nope! Our dried fruit has one ingredient: fruit. We use high quality fruit grown in the Hawaiian sunshine, so it is perfectly sweet as is.

Are your products vegan? WHat about organic?

Yes! Our gourmet snacks are all 100% vegan. We don’t use any animal products whatsoever in anything we create! And a lot of the time, the fruit we use is organic too. However, it can sometimes be hard to find the quantity of fresh local fruit that we need year round, grown organically at a price that isn’t too exorbitant. So at times, we just use what we can consistently get, and that’s why we don’t advertise as organic.

can my store carry your products?

We already have a number of commercial retailers, but we are always open to a good partnership opportunity. If you are interested in carrying our dried fruit or coconut candy, please contact Uncle Mikey directly via email.

What about a collab?

Over the years, our dried fruit has sparked the imaginations of many other creators. We have been featured in gift baskets, chocolate bars, granola, trail mix, you name it! If you have a product that you think would be improved by the addition of ours, then shoot us an email. The possibilities are endless and we are open to them :)