OUr Dried Fruit

For almost two decades, our family has been showcasing some amazing Hawaiian grown fruit . We support local farmers by sourcing all of our fruit locally, and then we dehydrate it under low temperatures at its peak of ripeness. The result is the most delicious and vibrant dried fruit that money can buy. There is no need for us to add any sugar or sweeteners, because it’s already perfectly sweet.

Some folks try to cut corners by keeping some of the moisture in the fruit to add weight, and then to increase shelf life they’re forced to add preservatives. We don’t believe in that at all!

We always remove just enough moisture from the fruit that it’s still chewy, but it will technically* last several months on the shelf with no preservatives added ever. Plus, the 8 and 16 oz. bags in our shop are resealable.**

One of the other ways we here at Uncle Mikey’s support local agriculture is by passing our fruit scraps onto other farmers, to use for pig slop, composting, and even replanting.

*We say “technically” because we don’t know anyone who’s been able to keep it around that long!